A Window to the Fatherland

We begin tonight’s edition of A Window to the Fatherland with Dr. Alireza Nourizadeh reading one of his poems from the book of his collected works.

Dr. Alireza Nourizadeh:

I am worried and it is quite clear to me that the attack on the Emirate’s oil tankers and on the Saudi oil pipelines have been carried out by the Revolutionary Guard and its plot had long been drawn up by its external operations units.

The Guards make use of small submarines that can house two personnel, one of whom is a frogman who leaves the mini-submarine and attaches the mine to the body of stationery ships that are moored.

They have used similar bombs in killing Iranian nuclear scientists in the past.

As for the explosions in the Saudi oil pipelines, the Houthis who have gone through terrorist training in Iran have been responsible for this operation.

The US has now officially announced that they hold the Iranian regime responsible for both operations. However, Mr Khamenei thinks that he is playing a smartgame by authorizing these actions which means if Iran cannot export its oil, then no other country will be able to do it either.

However, during the Iran-Iraq war the Guards made a similar error and began to target the Kuwaiti ships, but the US intervened and attacked Iran’s naval forces and destroyed most of them in the Persian Gulf.

We now ask our special guest Mr Mustafavi Tabatabie, who is an oil expert, about his views on these latest developments.

Mustafavi Tabatabie:


Iran has been behind the creation of OPEC as a means of uniting the strategy of oil producing countries in determining the correct supplies and stabilizing the oil markets.

However, nowadays it appears that the countries outside this organization, like Russia and China, have more influence on the price of oil.

In the case of Russia, it has reached its own agreements with the Saudis on their respective quotas of the number of oil barrels that they output each day, and this has reduced the power of OPEC in the oil markets.

Sadly, due to the political climate that has encircled our country, despite Iran’s massive energy resources, we have lost our role and position in the oil and gas markets of the world.

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