A Window to the Fatherland

We begin tonight’s edition of A Window to the Fatherland with Dr. Alireza Nourizadeh reading one of his poems from the book of his collected works.

Dr. Alireza Nourizadeh:

Today we speak to our senior correspondent Mohammad Reza Shaheed to find out what new programs he has put together for our TV channel.

Mohammad Reza Shaheed:


This year’s Canne Film Festival will not have any Iranian film in it. However we will be there to see if any one of the foreign films has any connections to the Iranian cinema and film industry.

One thing is for sure that the Revolutionary Guards have had a link with the Iranian cinema in recent years and in fact they have their own studios and facilities.

As for other programs, I am sure we all know Dr Hassan Mansour, the prominent economist who teaches at the Paris American University as well as some major educational institutes in Britain.

We will be broadcasting one of his recent speeches about the state of Iran’s economy, not because we want to oppose the regime, but because whether we want it or not this regime is on its way out as the laws of economics tell us when our people are earning less than what they used forty years ago then we aredealing with a system that has failed badly.

Not only that this system is not working for the 80 million Iranian people, it is also causing turmoil in the region and as far as in South America, by squandering the Iranian people’s wealth.

Dr. Alireza Nourizadeh:

I am glad to inform you and our viewers that according to the latest data thenumber of our audience has surpassed those of the Persian TV channel of VOA as our fellow Iranians have shown that they trust our programs.

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