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Jamshid Chalangi:

One year after the US exit from the nuclear deal with Iran, in tonight’s program we will look at the change of commander of the Revolutionary GuardCorps (IRGC) shortly after the US government has designated the force as a foreign terrorist organisation.

We will find out what is the main aim of putting more pressure on Iran as Brian Hook, the US special envoy on Iran affairs says America is not after overthrowing the Tehran regime or enter a war with it.

Our guest tonight is Kak Mustafa Hijri, the current General Secretary of the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan.

Kak Mustafa Hijri:          

With my thanks to your TV and warm greetings to your viewers, I believe what the US has done by naming of the Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist organisation is a very appropriate action as we have for many years said that they are a terrorist group.

Many of the Iranian civil rights activists and opposition members inside and outside the country have been the target of the Guards and assassinated and the Quds Brigade of the Guards have been involved in terrorist activities abroad.

The US decision has come a bit late, but it is still a welcome move.

Jamshid Chalangi:

Mr Brian Hook, the US special envoy for Iranian affairs has said that they are deliberately increasing their pressure to force the Iranian side to come to a negotiating table.

How could they on the one hand call a regime a major sponsor of international terrorism and yet at the same time be interested in negotiating with it?

Kak Mustafa Hijri:          

We follow the removal of the Iranian regime but itappears that the US is only interested in seeing a change of behaviour by the regime.

If the regime changes its policies the US will be happy to deal with it but the regime has so far refused to do so. But our prediction is that it will eventually agree to surrender under the US pressures as the leadership of the regime has realised that it will not be able to continue itself under the current circumstances.

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