A Window to the Fatherland

We begin tonight’s edition of A Window to the Fatherland with Dr. Alireza Nourizadeh reading one of his poems from the book of his collected works.

Dr Alireza Nourizadeh:

Tonight we will be speaking to our senior foreign correspondent Mohammad Reza Shaheed in Paris about the result of the Israeli general elections as well as news of Iran.

Mohammad Reza Shaheed:

From next week I will be presenting a new series of interviews in my weekly program.

The first of which is an interview with Shervin Taghavi, a young Iranian scientist who used to work for NASA. He has calculated one millionth second of time.

I will also be speaking at a conference about the relationship between football and the Arab world. So don’t be surprised to see me in that type of program.

France has always recognised the right of Israel to exist and the right of the Palestinians to have their homeland too.

But France has now opposed the Israeli’s claim to annex the Golan Heights as illegal.

In a way the Iranian regime is responsible for this Israeli’s claim as Netanyahu has said the Iranian forces can fire their missiles into Israel from the Golan territory.

The French have told the Americans that they had already listed the Revolutionary Guards back in 2010 and had imposed sanctions on them.

However, France has also stuck to the nuclear deal. They have now sent 14 special pumps to Iran to help with the flood hit provinces.

A few days ago the yellow vest protestors attacked the offices of Iran Air and broke its windows.

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