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Jamshid Chalangi:

We continue tonight’s program with once again offering our best wishes for the arrival of Nowruz to our fellow Iranians who have endured another year packed with socio-economic problems at home, but remain hopeful for brighter days ahead of them in the Persian Year of 1398!

However, while the Iranian people and the nations of the Persianate celebrate Nowruz, the Iranian regime continues to show it animosity towards this and many other national festivals of our people.

The hostility of the Islamic republic regime with Nowruz is nothing new as both ayatollah Khomeini and the ideologue behind his revolution, ayatollah Motahari had long opposed this national festival that is the symbol of our nation’s identity and had been so for very many centuries.

Our guests tonight Dr Alireza Nourizadeh and Mr Hassan Shariatmadari now join us in the debate on the roots of the regime’s animosity towards Nowruz.

Dr Nourizadeh:

I clearly remember the day when Khomeini declared that the Iranians do not have a Nowruz, citing his religious beliefs.

His henchman ayatollah Khalkhali even attempted to bulldoze Persepolis to take a revenge on the heritage of Iranian monarchy, but was stopped before he could carry out his cultural crime.

But look at the huge number Iranians who forty years after the establishment of the Islamic regime flock to the tomb of Cyrus the Great to celebrate the arrival of Nowruz!!

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