A Window to the Fatherland

We begin tonight’s edition of A Window to the Fatherland with Dr. Alireza Nourizadeh reading one of his poems from the book of his collected works.

Dr. Alireza Nourizadeh:

We continue the program with some of the latest news stories about Iran, including the tragic collusion between an oil tanker and a passenger coach in Sanandaj in which scores of our fellow Iranian have been killed.

This tragic accident reminds us of the horrific arson attack on Rex Cinema in 1978 by a man who had been in direct contact with Khomeini and Khamenei and later fled to Iraq.

I remember that the following day after that heinous crime Dr. Amoli, the then Information Minister held a press conference and revealed how the followers of Khomeini were behind it. He was among the first people to be executed by Khomeini’s regime for his revelation.

Later we will look at other news of the day in our talk with our special guest of every Thursday, Dr. Mohsen Sazegara.

Dr. Mohsen Sazegara:

You mentioned the horrific crime of burning down Rex Cinema, which was undoubtedly the arson attack of the “revolutionary Muslims” who at the time were attacking cinemas and bars and liquor shops in Iran. The lack of proper equipment in Iran or any other country in the world to fight such arson attacks increases the number of their victims.

When a regime like the Islamic republic regime in Iran loses its legitimacy, then any such accident as the one that has happened in Sanandaj, will be blamed on it.

When there is no freedom of press in the country, the rumors will take over and the society condemns the regime for every incident or tragedy that happens in it.

In Iran, Khamenei has always stood behind the crimes of the intelligence organs and interrogators and the Iranians do not believe a word of him. His mouthpiece, the Kayhan daily, acts as a prosecutor and tells the judiciary whom they should arrest and put on trial.

Dr. Alireza Nourizadeh:

I had the news of Ali Akbar Velayati and Khamenei’s son Mujtaba travelling to Moscow last week and had returned very quickly. Now Velayati has gone back to Moscow again. What is he after?

Dr. Alireza Nourizadeh:

The Arab media have said that Russia has pledged that they will ask Iran to leave Syria. Israel has told Moscow that they will mediate between US and Russia for better relations and naturally the Russians are interested to reduce their tension with the Americans.

The NATO countries have also agreed to increase their pressure on Iran to leave Syria and Russia has decided to paly the Iran card in its gamble with the US.

My inside sources tell me that the Russians have concluded that the Islamic republic regime will not be here soon and they know better than anyone else that ideological regimes do not last long.

However, the Russians have built up a circle of their own spies and insiders within the regime through the Revolutionary Guards, left-wingers and Khamenei’s household and are ready to install the next regime in power in Iran and sell out Khamenei’s regime.

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