A Window to the Fatherland

We begin tonight’s edition of A Window to the Fatherland with revisiting the start of the Iran-Iraq war and the many sad stories of it.

Then we will watch a video clip in which an ignorant and vile mullah talks about Imam Ali, the first imam of the Shias.

We continue the program with reporting on the concerns of the Turkish and Iraqi governments about the independence referendum of the Iraqi Kurds. We would also discuss Qassem Suleimani’s message to Massoud Barezani in this regard.

In the second part of the program we would expose the corruption of Hashemi Shahroudi and the reasons for his recent trip to Iraq.

Later we would listen to the comments of Abbas Kadkhodaie, the spokesperson for the Guardian Council, in which he tries to describe the meaning of a politician.

And at the end, as usual, we will update you on the latest news and current affair of the Middle East region.

Stay with us for this edition of A Window on the Fatherland and share it with your friends and relatives.

We look forward to hearing your views and comments about the issues covered in tonight’s program.

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